Fix Airtel Voice and Video Call Not Working Problem Solved

Hello friends, in this blog post I will share with you how to fix Airtel Video and Voice call not Working problem and by the end of the video your problem will be definitely solved

I will show you solution for voice call and video call
Firstly how you can solve the problem of voice call
And then we will fix the problem of video call too So when you call someone what happens is that you can hear their voice but they cannot hear your voice
That's the problem and also when you call your voice sounds crack and that's because of network Or may be because your speaker is damaged
But if they can't hear your voice and you are getting many problem with voice

So how you can fix that you will know in this video
And about video call when you video call someone you don't get the option
And even if you press in video call it doesn't work
You are getting problem in your camera and regarding the problem in the video
So how you can fix that I'll show you in this video
First of all go to your mobile settings
Before going to setting restart your phone once
Sometimes by restarting ,50% of the problem gets solved by itself
Because of consuming data phone becomes heavy and that's why you get problem

And that's why restart your phone and check so this was your first step
Second step is that turn your flight mode on and then turn it off again, this was your second method
Now go to settings scroll down and go to app management, Installed apps, application manager or apps
In this four name anyone one can be shown in your phone so select anyone one
Basically you have to go to application manager
Now select all applications or show system processes
Then search system launcher click on it and force stop it
Go to storage usage click on clear data and clear it then go back and click on "permission"
And allow all the permissions then go back and search call management or it will show an option call manage
You will get by call, contact something like that so click on it
And you will have to force stop this too then go to storage usage and clear the data
Clear the data then go back search contact and click on it
Now go to permission and then you will get phone there so allow it
And disable SMS and enable it again same to storage
Leaving location enable call log, camera ,contact and everything
Now go back click on "contact storage" then go to permission and allow all the permission
After doing this much your problem for the voice call will be solved
Now I'll show you how to solve video problem and later on I'll show you for voice call too
Now search camera click on it then go to storage usage clear the data and go back
Now go to permission and allow everything leaving location
After doing this your camera problem will be solved
But sometimes what happens is that we do video call but from other side we don't get response
And when you video call someone that particular person doesn't have the video call feature in their phone
Video call is not available and that's why you cannot video call someone
After you click on "camera" enable everything and go back
So now we have good solution for both video and voice call problem
If your video and voice call problem is not solved then check your software update
Or you can go to about phone there you will get your software update
And there you will get a download option and if update is available then you can update it
when you update what happens is that your new android version in video and voice call will be updated
After doing that restart your phone once and try video calling or voice call
Your problems will be definitely solved
And if there is any problem with the speaker in your hardware then you will have to go to technician
If the person whom you are calling does not have video call function then it will not work
So friends in this way you can solve your problem
Hope you like the post. Thanks for watching

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