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Top Most Used words in Daily Life

Nagamese Creole is a creole based upon Assamese, Hindi, English and many different  Languages that spokes in India. Nagamese Creole is spoken by about 3 Million people and used in Nagaland, a small state in north east India. Nagamese stabilized as a creole in about 1936.

Nagamese language has no grammar and it also has no alphabet but listening and speaking Nagamese language is quite interesting and easy. Since it has no scripture of it's own so one cannot have the translation from Google translate but here on we translate many of the popular sentences that used in Nagamese Language. 

In this article we have shared the Nagamese translation of most popular words and phrases that used in daily life. If you have any word or sentences to translate then comment below we will update in this article as well as we will respond your comment as soon as possible. 

English                                 Nagamese


1. Boy                                        Mota 
2. Girl                                       Chhokree 
3. Man                                      Mota 
4. Woman                                Maikee 
5. Father                                   Baba
6. Mother                                 Aama
7. Wife                                      Maaikee 
8. Daughter                             Chhokri 

Non-Living Things

1. House                                              Ghor
2. Roof                                                 Chhaana
3. Kitchen                                           Chouka
4. Meat                                                Maang-so


1.  How are you                                   Kenay Kaa Aasey
2. What is your name                        Aapni laga naam ki aasey 
3. Where are you going                     Kotay Jaai Aasay
4. What are you doing                       Kee Kori Aasay
5. Did you have your meal                Bhaat Khaaishay Naa Khaanaai
6. Where are you                                Kotay Aasay 

Last Update: 29-12-2018 

If you have any word that need to be translated then please comment below. We will help you as soon as possible. Thank you. 

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  1. Nagamiz Kothalaga Niyom is the first Nagamese Grammar written by Dr Bhim Kanta Boruah where script is shown.His Dictionary of Nagamese Language is the first ever proper dictionary in the language.His BATSA PATH is the first Primer in those books.

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