How To Fix Mic Not Working On WhatsApp Video Call Problem

 How To Fix Mic Not Working On WhatsApp Video Call Problem

In this post I will show how you can fix mic not working on WhatsApp video call. If you want to know how you can fix then read the post till the end. And if you don't want to read then you can watch tutorial video given below so that you can understand easily.

First of all restart your phone and see. 
After restarting if your problem didn't fix then go to play store search WhatsApp and update it. When you don't update application you may get this kind of problem. After updating if it didn't fix then you will have to do one setting. Go to settings scroll down and open apps management then search WhatsApp and go to app permissions.

Go to permissions and enable microphone option also SMS and phone. After doing that restart your phone or you can check without restarting whether it's fixed or not. But after doing that your problem will be definitely fixed. So, your problem will be fix you just have to turn on your mic.

If your problem didn't fix then you can try with another phone. If in that phone it's working then your phone has mic problem. If you get the problem there too then go to the app and report it. If you feel like your mic is damaged then go to technician and change it and If it's working then there will not be problem on your mic.

And if you get the same problem in other phone then go to WhatsApp click on three dots and go to settings. Now go to help and click on contact us and report. Describe your problem there and then submit it. After submitting your problem regarding mic on WhatsApp will be fixed.

So, this was the solutions regarding mic problem on WhatsApp.

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