How To Fix Instagram Your Account has Been Disabled For Violating Terms And Conditions

 How To Fix Instagram Your Account Has Been Disabled For Violating Our Terms And Conditions

In this post I will show how you can solve Instagram error problem in your phone. If you want to know more then read the post till the end. And if you don't prefer reading post then you can watch tutorial video given below which will be helpful and more effective.

As you can see your account has been disabled for violating terms. 
Sometimes because of too many following or uploading pictures which is prohibited in Instagram may disable your account. So, some can recover but some cannot and it depends on the activity on your account. Sometimes because you have messaged too many or may be because of violating their terms and conditions your account has been disabled.

So, some they get back their account but for some they get disabled permanently. Now what you have to do is you can try and see that you can recover your account or not. I will show you some solutions so read the post till the end. If your account is disabled then it depends on how it's activated on your account that how you have violated the terms and condition.

First of all go back and open a new account. Open Instagram and go to your previous account and report it. So, how you can report I will show you. First go to profile click on the top right corner and go to settings. You will get a help option now click on "report a problem". Simply go there and click on "report a problem" once again.

After clicking, now you can write what is your problem. You will get a typing option and you can write there that your account has been disabled then type your ID there. Type your exact ID there and write that your account has been disabled without any reason. You can give your own reason too. If you write a good reason then it will be better.

They will check and if there is nothing that violates then they will disable your account and there will be chances to get back your account. So, now next step is that your report is done. Now after typing take a screenshot of your disabled account and send there. Go to add from gallery and send that screenshot there and click on "submit" then your report will be submitted  successfully.

And if you don't have any fault then you will get back your account. So, in this way you can solve the disabled account problem. You can try this trick for some it will work and for other it may not. You can solve disabled problem in this way.

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