How To Fix Google Play Music All Problem Solved

 How To Fix Google Play Music All Problem Solved

In this post I will show how you can fix any problem of google play. 
So, watch the post till the end. I will show you four to five solution which will help you to fix google play music problem. And if you don't prefer reading the post then you can watch the tutorial video given below which will be more effective and helpful.

First of all go to play store and search google play music then open it. 
After opening you will have to update it, because of not updating google play music it stops and also the app doesn't open. That's why I suggest you to update. After updating you will get new version and your problem will be fixed.

If your problem didn't fixed then open your settings scroll down open manage app and search google play music. Open google play music then force stop it and clear all the data. Now go to app permission and allow all the permissions. After that restart your phone once and your problem regarding google play music will be solved.

If you problem is solved then it's okay but if not then go back open settings again and there you will get about phone go to about phone and there you will get system update so open it. As soon as you open system update what you have to do is update your version. Because of not updating you get the problem and also the apps stops working.

So you have to update it and then restart your phone. After updating your problem will be fixed and your problem will be fixed if you update and restart. By chance if your problem didn't fix then simply go back and if you get the option to uninstall google play music then uninstall it. After uninstalling reinstall it again.

If you get the uninstall option then you can and after that reinstall it again and your problem will be definitely fixed. But whatever solutions I have given try that first and you can easily solve your problem.

I hope this post is helpful, Keep Visiting.

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