How To Find Instagram Password When Logged In

 How To Find Instagram Password When Logged In

In this post I will show you how to find your Instagram password when you are logged in. So if you are logged in and you forgot your password or you want to know then in this post you will know complete process on how you can find your password when logged in. If you forgot you password then you can recover easily. If you don't prefer reading then you can watch our tutorial video given below.

First of all open Instagram and go to your profile. Click on "menu bar" open settings and go to security. Select password but you will not get to see password directly. If you don't remember your password then you will have to reset after that only you can see. First log in Facebook account because it's the easy way and connect Facebook with Instagram because almost everyone has Facebook or you can do with email. Let's find Instagram password with the help of Facebook. So, let's do reset it with Facebook.

Click on "reset it with Facebook" and wait for a moment. After loading is over you will get your password. So, this is the option to change new password. When you add new password you will know it so set your password and save it. Indirectly you can recover you password in this way and also you will know your password. You cannot see your old password directly so to know you need to change your password.

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