How To Find Facebook Hidden Phone Number

 How To Find Facebook Hidden Phone Number

In this video I will show you how to search hidden number in Facebook. If you want to know then read the post till the end. And if you don't prefer reading then you can watch tutorial video given below.

As I said earlier that how we can see hidden number of anyone in Facebook. 
So I will show one for an example. Let's check whether it's hidden or not. For that go to see more about and you can see it is already hidden.

So, there you can't see phone number of that particular person because Facebook has given some privacy and that remains private only and after keeping it private others can still see then there is no privacy in Facebook. So, this is why you can't see hidden phone number of anyone. After this I hope you will stop searching about it there you cannot use any tricks because it's against Facebook.

You cannot find any tricks so you can directly message and ask. So, this is the only option you can do

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