How To Enable And Disable Dark Mode In Snapchat

 How To Enable And Disable Dark Mode In Snapchat

In this post I will show you how to set dark mode in snapchat. Read the post till the end to know more about it. And if you don't like reading then you can watch our tutorial video given below

First, let's open snapchat and see from where we can set dark mode. 
You will not get any option to set dark mode in snap chat because there is no such features available. For that you will have to download an app from play store. I will show you the settings and there you will not get dark mode. Go to play store and download night screen. After downloading this you can use it as a dark mode in snapchat.

First open that night screen app, now go to snapchat and see how it works. Tap on it then go to settings and select exactly to what I show. So, download it and make your snapchat as dark mode because dark mode feature is not available.

You will get many videos to set dark mode on YouTube but when you download that app doesn't work. So, better you download night screen and use it as a dark mode. You can use snapchat as dark mode by using that app.

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