How To Check Instagram Last Seen If Hidden

 How To Check Instagram Last Seen If Hidden

In this post I will show you how to see last seen if your friends have turned it off or you can see or not I'll explain and show you everything in this post. If you want to know then read the post till the end. And if you don't want to read then you can watch tutorial video given below which will help you to fix your problem.

First of all add two account. Now 
go in one account and off the active. From another account check whether you can see or not. So, for that you will have to go in your login and there you will find status so turn it off. Check from there if it's off then we can see or not. First send a message then go to another account and check whether you can see or not.

Now go to message and check if you have turned it off but still you can see then refresh it. Now you can log in and if It's not showing then that means you cannot see it. When he\she comes online and that's the time he/she is active so you can see that time only. And If it's off then you will not see his\her active status.

And this is Instagram's terms  you can't do any other trick there. If he\she login then you can go and check the last seen. This may be old but you can see the login online activity status. You can check all that and if you can see last seen that's okay but if you cannot see last seen then you will not find any other trick.

So,  I hope now you know that how you can see last seen if someone have hide and also what type of last seen you can see.

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