How To Change Snapchat Username Without Deleting Account

 How To Change Snapchat Username Without Deleting Account

In this post I'll show you how you can change snapchat username without deleting account. So, the problem is that whenever we want to change snapchat username we had to delete our snapchat account and then only we can change our username. And in this post I'll explain you why you are getting this problem. And if you want to change username without deleting your account I'll show you whether you can change or not in this post .And if you don't prefer reading the post then you can watch tutorial video given below.

irstly your username is already saved even if you go to settings and try to change you will not find  change option. You will only get a share option. Go to help canter and see how you can change your user name. If it is possible then you will get there and you just have to type your username. You will get details about it and as for now it is not possible to change. So, that mean you cannot change your username.

For now it is not available and there is no features about how we can change username. You just have to delete your account you can read and check description. So, there it is clearly written that if you are not happy with your username then you can delete your current snapchat and can create new account with different username and also a note is given you can read that. It says once your account is deleted then your username will not be available.

So, you should know that important note. Now you know that to change username there is no option available. So, I have shown you everything and you can read it on help center too. You can change your username only by deleting your account and creating a new one. But all your message and whatever details you have will be deleted so if you want then you can delete and also you can use that old username. If there is any chances then I'll update you all. 

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