How To Change Instagram Notification Sound

 How To Change Instagram Notification Sound

In this post I will show you how to change Instagram notification sound. So, read the post till the. If you don't prefer reading then you can watch tutorial video given below which will help you to fix your problem easily.

First of all open your Instagram and go to your profile t
hen go to menu bar click on "settings"  and select notifications. You can change your notification sound from there. So, now what you have to do is go to posts, stories and comments. Now go to additional option in system setting then click on "other" and you will get the ringtone there and you can change so simply click there.

And after clicking there you will get notification and ringtones so you can change sound from there. First keep your sound on and go to ringtone there you can change your comments and other notifications separately. You can see followers and following so do same go to additional option go to other keep the sound on and click on "ringtone" and you can change from there. So, in this way you can change from there in notification And if you want to keep tone in your direct message then you can do same and change.

In this way you can change all the notification sound of Instagram.

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