How Can I Stop Receiving Unknown Numbers On WhatsApp

 How Can I Stop Receiving Unknown Numbers On WhatsApp

In this post I will show how you can stop receiving unknown numbers on WhatsApp. If you want to know and you are having same problem then read the post till the end. And if you don't like reading then you can watch tutorial video given below which will help you to solve your problem more easily.

I will show you some settings if you do that your problem will be solved. Y
ou are getting unknown messages from unknown numbers and you want to stop that. So, to stop this go to WhatsApp then click on three dot and go to setting then click on "account". Select privacy and turn off last seen and set your profile photo as my contact. You can also set about as nobody or you can also hide it.

Now turn off your read receipts. Go to message of unknown number and simply block. Directly block the person and your problem will be fixed so in this way you can stop. So, it is possible to block unknown numbers. But in WhatsApp it is allowed for unknown numbers that they can message so we cannot stop. If you want to stop then you will have to block. After blocking only you can fix that problem and you will be able to stop receiving unknown numbers on WhatsApp. 

So, follow the given steps and you can solve your problem. 

I hope this post is helpful, Keep Visiting.

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