How To Fix Android Vibration Not Working Problem

 How To Fix Android Vibration Not Working Problem

In this post I will show you how to fix android vibration not working problem. So, read the post till the end, follow the given solutions and your problem will be definitely fixed. You just need to do some settings and then you will not get this problem again.

If you don't want to read, then you can watch the tutorial video given below or can continue reading the post. 

First of  all restart your device and see whether it gets fixed or not and if it doesn't work then you will have to do other solutions and for that go to "sound and vibrations" then scroll down and enable vibrate for calls.

But before doing this settings, go to apps and open manage apps. Now click on "settings" force stop it and clear the data. After that go back and close the settings. Now open settings, scroll down and go to "sound and vibrations". Enable "sound and vibrations" and go to additional settings. Here you can enable dial pad tones , tap sounds and screen locking sounds.

Now tap on vibrate if you want to use then you can enable this and if it's in silent mode then vibrations will not work. So, I will show you how to fix that. First keep your phone on silent then enable the vibrate option. If you don't enable the vibrate then your phone will be completely in silent and you will not hear anything.

If you want to use vibrate mode then enable the vibration after doing that only it will work and your vibration problem will be solved. If you are using in ringing mode and you are not getting vibration then enable it. So, this was your solution regarding vibration and after doing all these your problem will be definitely fixed.

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