Facebook You Can't Use This Feature Right Now

Facebook You Can't Use This Feature Right Now

In this post we will discuss about this problem and I will show you the settings to solve the problem. To know more about it read the post till the end.

And if you don't prefer reading the post then you can watch the tutorial video given below.

As you can see this error on your screen that you can't use this features right now and it is because you got banned temporarily in Facebook. If you want then you can fix . I will tell you the solutions and why are you getting this problem.

After reading this you have only one option and that is to click ok. First of all understand what is written there and as you can see that you cannot do any activity now and that's because you have cross the limits or commented too much that's why you have been banned by Facebook. I will tell you whether we can fix or not and I have a solutions you can try that and see. I will show that solution later.

For now you cannot use Facebook so try the solution which I will give and If it doesn't work then I will show you more solutions. So read the post carefully till the end. So, to fix this go to play store and update your Facebook. When you update the app you will get the latest features and the bugs gets fixed too. So, update plays a very important role.

Update it and go to mobile settings. Now scroll down open apps then go to manage apps and search Facebook. Clear all the data and check. When you do that Facebook will be restart so try and see. Search Facebook clear all the data then go to app permissions allow everything and check that your problem is fixed or not so try sending friend request and see.

If you can send friend request then your problem is fixed. But after doing all the solution if it's still not working then sometimes we cannot fix with phone so you will have to use desktop mode. For that go back and go to chrome you have to log in through chrome browser.

Click on three dots and select desktop mode and you will get desktop version. So, that is the desktop mode you can try sending friend request and your problem will be fixed, if by any chance you get the problem then go to Facebook click on "menu bar" and this is the last option left.

Scroll down, click on "help and support" and have to do report. This is the last option left so go to report a problem scroll and click on continue to report. Click on friend request and describe your problem. You can also share the screenshot and send the report.

When you send the report Facebook will review and your problem will be fixed within 1-2 days. So, this is the solution you need to follow and your problem will be fixed. After you report wait for some days they will fix and will give you a message because this problem is limited and temporary it will also be fixed by itself.

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