Fix OTP not Receiving in Airtel Sim Card Problem Solved

 How to fix OTP not receiving problem in Airtel Sim

Hello guys welcome back to Techie Raj YouTube channel

In this post I will show how you can fix OTP not receiving problem in Airtel sim

I will show you in a step by step process. 

If you don't want to read the post then you can watch the video tutorial from our YouTube Channel below and fix your problem. 

Basically because of jumbled up in two settings we are getting the problem

And I will show you one major setting so watch the post till the end

First go to settings and go to app management or installed apps

Basically go to application and select all apps or system application

Or select mobile apps

Now search messages and click on it

Simply go to permission and check that message should be enabled

If it is on then turned it off then on it again and allow all the permissions

After that go to mobile message and click on the top right corner settings

Go to Anti- Harassment or it will be shown as blocked

Go there and disable block messages from unknown

If you keep it on than you will not get OTP because mostly OTP comes from an Unknown number

So what you have to do is to keep it off

After that restart your phone once and then try you will get the OTP

So friends doing this two settings your problem should be fixed

And if you are using any third party application and with that app you are not getting OTP in your simcard

So you are creating any account like Facebook or WhatsApp and you are not getting OTP

Then so same just go to app management or Installed apps

You have to go to that application where you are not getting OTP

Suppose if you are creating WhatsApp then click on it and go to permission

And you have to allow SMS

Incase you are using application but still your not getting OTP then you have to do this

So this was three solutions

And after doing everything if still you are getting problem

May be your message service has been disabled by the company so that's why you are not getting OTP

So you can call your customer care in their toll free number and can asked them about the problem

So friends I have shown all the solutions and it will definitely solve your problem

I hope you like the post. Thanks for watching


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