Fix Airtel Sim Not Working Problem Solved

How to fix airtel sim not working problem

If your sim is not working and you are getting problem then read the post till the end
Many times what happens is that it doesn't show network in our sim
In this post I will show how you can fix the the problem regarding network
By the end of the post your problem will be definitely fixed
That's why read the post till the end

If you don't want to read the post then you can watch our video tutorial from our youtube channel and 
fix your problem.

Let's start the post with basic settings first of all restart your phone
Sometimes because of using too much our sim doesn't work
Go to settings turn on your airplane mode then turn it off again and check the network
If it doesn't work I will show you third settings so go to dual sim and cellular network

Select the sim which is not working so disable the sim then enable it again
If it's still not working then click on "carrier option"
And if you have enabled automatically select then disable it
It may show different in different phone you will get search network in some phone
If you get the option click on it and search the network
You can manually select the networks and after selecting you will get the network
The best one is that you can enable automatically select and it will detect network automatically
So after doing that your problem should be fixed but by chance if it does not work then go back

Now I will give you setting after doing that your problem will be definitely fixed
Go to settings and click on "additional setting or more settings"
And in your phone location may be different
So understand the concepts and search the settings
Go to backup and reset then click on "reset to factory settings"
Search reset system setting only enter your password
You will get an option to reset so reset it

So your mobile settings will be completely reset and all your problem will be fixed
After doing this setting you problem regarding sim card not working will be solved
And sometimes because of software update our sim doesn't work properly
If your software update is available then update it
So in this way you can easily solve your problem
By chance after doing everything if it doesn't work
Then there will be some technical problem you can contact with sim customer care
I hope you like the post. Thanks for reading

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