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Updated on 1 May 2020


The job holder will work as a Tech & Howto video creator where their job profile is a Content Creator Executive. (C.C.E)
This is an online based job where you can work from anywhere in India. You are simply partnering with a Business YouTube channel which is running by an Individual YouTuber. 


We have a Tech & Howto YouTube channel where we create Mobile App, Software, Application's errors solution tutorial videos and educational related videos and upload it to our YouTube channel to make the viewers life easy by providing them the accurate solutions for various errors & problems.


(a) English Communication Skill
(b) Proper Knowledge of using Android Phone and an Android App
(c) Must have an Android Phone
(d) Long term working commitment


A keyword is a specific topic for creating tutorial videos. Each keyword can have one video tutorial and the quantity of the keyword topic is depend on the C.C.E working hours. All the keyword will given by the admin to C.C.E then he/she will create videos on the given keyword topics. 


No experiences is needed for this job, the job holder will be guided by the admin how to create videos and will be given a proper online training.


Salary is based upon the quantity of the video tutorial. Following are the salary structure: 

(a) 20 Videos & Thumbnails = Rs. 4000 Monthly (After 3 months salary increases to Rs. 6000/- Monthly)
(b) 30 Videos & Thumbnails = Rs. 5000 Monthly (After 3 months salary increases to Rs. 8000/- Monthly)
(c) 40 Videos & Thumbnails = Rs. 6000 Monthly (After 3 months salary increases to Rs. 10000/- Monthly)

Overtime/over quantity: 

The more you make the more you earn; After achieving the target if you still wish to create more videos, you will get Rs. 5 for each video and that will be an addition to your salary. 

Working Days: 

Monday to Saturday.


(a) Must complete the target in-order to achieve your incentive or to avoid getting deducted your salary & commission  
(b) Must keep the record of your work. 
(c) Must work at least one year.
(d) Must submit the resignation two months ahead.
(e) Must provide the videos at daily basis.
(f) Must give a leave request with proper reason.


(a) The keyword that has been given to you should not leaked to anyone.
(b) You are not allow to create videos on the same keyword that has been given to you for your personal YouTube channel or for any other purposes. 
(c) You should not give the wrong information on the video.
(d) Any leave except proper reason will not be allowed.

You must adhere the guidelines, do's & don't's that has been mentioned above and give your best to provide the quality services.

Last Updated on 1 May 2020

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