Fixed: PUBG Health Reminder Removed - How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?

Fixed: PUBG Health Reminder Removed - How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?

PUBG Mobile has been setting a pattern in India and of late, over the occasions, we have seen that guardians are agonizing over their youngster's expansion towards the diversion. I for one urge individuals not to play this amusement for additional time. It's for no particular reason, don't make it a compulsion. Also, this is the reason PUBG Health Reminder include is being tried in India. 

In any case, in the event that you need to demolish your future and need to evacuate wellbeing update in PUBG versatile, at that point nobody can prevent you from doing it in the wake of perusing this post.

Watch a quick tutorial and remove Health Reminder

Be that as it may, let me first disclose to you why this is going on just in India. As of late, Gujarat Government has forced a total prohibition on PUBG Mobile diversion and the general population who were discovered playing this amusement were captured by the neighborhood police.

Remembering with this, the PUBG engineers are presently trying a "Wellbeing Reminder" so kids don't exaggerate PUBG on their individual gadgets. In this PUBG wellbeing update, a spring up shows up once you have finished 6 hours of play. What's more, this is irritating a large portion of the addictive clients in India today. This is driving the players to look "How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?"

Before you know the procedure I might want you to illuminate that you may see a notice "The Payment Has Been Cancelled Your Account is at Risk PUBG" when you endeavor to expel the wellbeing update. So attempt this at your very own hazard! 

The most effective method to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG:

Step 1. When you've played over 6 hours of PUBG Mobile diversion, you will see a spring up of wellbeing update saying that "The amusement has been halted. Kindly returned at XYZ (Estimated Time according to your timezone)." 

Step 2. Presently ensure that you don't tap on OK catch until the diversion begins. In the event that you do as such, it will make another inquiry after some time as appeared in the beneath picture.

Step 3. In the event that you click on YES, you will prohibited by PUBG without a doubt and your record will be in danger. Rather, you have to tap on NO to ensure that your PUBG account is working easily.

As you can plainly observe that the YES catch is cunningly set on the correct side where the greater part of the clients click. So center around the NO catch where you have to click. 

Last Verdict on Health Reminder in PUBG:

So this is the way to expel well-being update in PUBG. This is the main fix to this issue starting at now. On the off chance that there's some other arrangement, I will transfer it soon! 

Vital NOTE: It's vital to comprehend that why PUBG has made this stride. It's for you, it's for your future. It's done in light of the fact that you're using your valuable time in a diversion that procures you nothing by the day's end. So ensure that you play this diversion only for no particular reason and don't get dependent on it.

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