Good Night in Nagamese | How to Say "Good Night" in Nagamese

Good Night in Nagamese

Nagamese Creole is a creole based upon Assamese, Hindi, English and many different  Languages that spokes in India. Nagamese Creole is spoken by about 3 Million people and used in Nagaland, a small state in north east India. Nagamese stabilized as a creole in about 1936.

Nagamese language has no grammar and it also has no alphabet but listening and speaking Nagamese language is quite interesting and easy. Since it has no scripture of it's own so one cannot have the translation from Google translate but here on we translate many of the popular sentences that used in Nagamese Language. 

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Good Night:        "Bhaal Pora Humaabee" 
Sweet Dream:     "Sapna Bhaal Koribee"


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Good Morning in Nagamese: 
In Nagaland or In Nagamese language most of the words are combine with English words and when it comes to wish "Good Morning" to someone in Nagamese, It sounds funny because In Nagaland people usually use English phrase to wish good morning but if you want to wish "Have a good day" Instead of Good morning then it can be proper translate into nagamese language. 
Have a good day in Nagamese "Din Bhaal Koribi" "Bhaal Din Hobi" 

Three different ways to say "How are you" in Nagamese. 
1. Aapni Keneka Aasey (Pronunciation: (aap-nee k-nay-kaa aa-say)2. Toi Keneka Aasey (Pronunciation: (toi k-nay-kaa aa-say)
Please Note: "Toi & Aapni" both refer the word "You" but when you say "How are you" to parents or elders, use "Aapni" because it shows love with respects and word the "Toi" can be used for friends "Aapi" to your loved one but you cannot use "Toi" to elders because it shows disrespectful to them. 
Now you know how to say “How are you” in Nagamese language.  So don’t wait to say "How are you" to your Naga friends. 

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