How to Say "I love you" in Nagamese

How to Say "I love you" in Nagamese 

Nagamese is the language of love and poetry and expressing feelings of love can’t be more
beautiful in any other language than in Nagamese. I still remember proposing my first girlfriend in Nagamese language, since those days I was not a Nagamese Speaker but today I am very familiar with Nagamese Language. Nagamese language has no grammar and it also has no alphabet but listening and speaking Nagamese language is quite interesting and easy. 
Today you are going to learn how to say “I love you” in the language of Nagamese. There can’t be any more special way of telling someone you love than saying it in the language of Nagamese. 

Stick with this article, I will also share you the most romantic poem in Nagamese. Through that poem, you can express your feeling very deeply to your loved one. 

The most common use of this sentence is the romantic use.  It is used by couples to express their love, but it is not only use to express your love to your loved one. It can also be used to show your love to other people too. For example, you can use this sentence to express your love for a parent or a friend.  If you are using this sentence with Nagas, always be sure the context is very clear on whether you are referring to a romantic love or nonromantic.

Three different ways to say "I Love You" in Nagamese. 

1. Moi Aapnike Morom Kore (Pronunciation: Moiee aap-nee-k mo-rom-ko-ray)
2. Moi Apnike Bhal Lage (Pronunciation: Moiee aap-nee-k bhhaal-laa-gay)
3. Moi Toike Morom Kore (Pronunciation: Moiee toi-k mo-rom-ko-ray)

Please Note: "Toi & Aapni" both refer the word "You" but when you say "I love you" to parents, use "Aapni" because it shows love with respects and word "Toi" is for your sweetheart but you can also use "Aapi" to your loved one but you cannot use "Toi" to elders because it shows disrespectful to them. 

Now you know how to say “I love you” in Nagamese language.  So don’t wait and express your love to your loved ones in Nagamese.

One of the most romantic and popular Poem in Nagamese: 

Moi aapni ke keneka kobo moi aapni-ke kimaan morom kore
Hawa pora akash-ke morom kora nisana moi aapnike morom kore
Kheti pora aakash-ke sa-aa nisana moi aapnike sabole mon jaai thake
Moi aapni ke keneka kobo moi aapnike kimaan morom kore
Sun pora din-ke morom kora nisana moi aapni-ke morom kore
Moon pora raatike morom kora nisana moi aapni-ke morom kore
                                                                                   ~ Raj Chhetri 
Don't feel hesitate to share this article with your friends, no matter even if they are Nagas they might enjoy the Poem. LOL 

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