How to Block Any Atm/Debit Card

How to Block Any Atm/Debit Card

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my another blog post where I will be sharing with that how you can block your Atm/Debit Card. It is frustrating when you lost or the card gets stolen but not to worry anymore, I am here to instruct you to block your Atm or Debit card through SMS Services which helps you to gets your card blocked instantly. 

There are around 41 Major Banks in India and every bank has a different procedure to block their ATM or Debit card so instead of sharing all the methods one by one for each bank rather I'll give you entire link specifically to each bank so that you can just visit the article and know how you can block your ATM or Debit card online. 

Here is the entire link for each bank: 

Private-Sector Banks:

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