How to block bank of Maharashtra Atm card online

How to block bank of Maharashtra Atm card online

If you have lost your ATM card then there is an option provided by the bank to block your ATM card immediately so that your atm card cannot be misused by anyone. 

Blocking your 
ATM  card has many different reasons and you might have come across to that situation right now to block your card online, One of the major reason to block the atm card is that of being lost of your card or it may be stolen by a thief.

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If you have lost or stolen your Atm/Debit card then no need to worry, you are going to learn, how you can block your card in just a few minutes by just following a simple procedure. 

Watch the video and follow the exact step to block your card:

One can Block his/her atm card by following below options: 

  • Visiting Bank Branch: One can visit the nearest branch of his/her bank to block their Bank ATM Debit Card.
  • Email: One can also send an email to their bank to block their atm/debit card. 
  • Customer care: To block the Bank ATM Card, individuals can call customer care of his/her branch bank. 
I hope you have successfully blocked your Atm/Debit card. If you are facing any kind of issues on blocking your card, you can comment below. I will reply you as soon as possible. 

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