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Are you looking for a personal loan at the lowest interest rates

Mobikwik is one of the leading Mobile wallet Company, Who has more than 10 Million users and the company has built trust with its customers. The company has provided different loans in past years and now giving away a boost loan of 60,000 INR Instantly. 

This loan is one of the fastest loans you may have ever seen. 

  • Activate in just 90 seconds         
  • Withdraw any amount, anytime    
  • No EMI till money withdrawn            

Eligibility for this Loan: 

The eligibility criteria to approve this loan is to have KYC submitted in your Mobikwik Wallet and also one should have a good credit score in his/her wallet. To see whether you're eligible or not you can simply check by opening the app you'll see your profile icon, just click over there and a bar will open where the 6th option will be "Get Boost of Rs 60,000" If you have this option then you are eligible for this loan but you need to submit your KYC (Pan & Adhaar Details)

Procedure for Loan: 

Step 1 

Open your Mobikwik App then click on profile icon to the top right corner.

Step 2

Click on "Get Boost of Rs 60,000" 

Step 3 

Now, click on "Yes Interested" Button 

Step 4 

Now, you have filled up your Pan card details and Adhaar card details then checked the terms and condition checkbox button and click on "View Loan Details" Button 

Step 5 

You'll receive an OTP to your Adhaar Card linked Number, Just enter the OTP on the box and click on Submit button then wait for 5 to 10 seconds then it will show you your address and ask you to confirm below, Just click on Continue button. 

Step 6 

Now, it will detect your details and show you the exact amount that you're eligible for. It will also show you the monthly interest rate, how much you have to pay back monthly etc. Now mark checked to the below Box then tap on continue. 

Step 7 

Now, it will ask you your bank account number and IFSC code. After entering your bank details click on continue button. 

Step 8 

Now you will receive a confirmation code on your Registered mobile number, copy the code and enter it then click Submit. 

Step 9 

Now a page will appear where you can see all your data. There is an option for E-sign, just click over there and click on submit button. 

Step 10 

Now, it will take you to another page of NSDL and right away you'll receive an OTP. Enter the OTP then click on Submit button. 

Congrats! You have got your loan. 

Watch a Quick Video About How to Get 60,000 INR Load Instantly: 

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