How To Fix YouTube Sound Not Working On Android Problem

 How To Fix YouTube Sound Not Working On Android Problem

In this post I will show how you can fix YouTube sound not working on android. You will get a tricky solution and if you follow that your problem will definitely be fixed. What solution you will have to do to fix the problem I will show you in the post so read the post till the end. And if you don't prefer reading then you can watch the tutorial video given below.

Fist of all if you are using YouTube on android from chrome browser then you will get this problem. F
rom there you will get the sound issue so what you have to do is update your browser. Go to play store update it then open your chrome browser. I will show you some settings and  for now open your YouTube click on the top three dots scroll down and go to settings.

Now click on "site settings" then go to sound and check the sound should be enabled. But why you are getting this problem on YouTube. Suppose you have enter on Add site. What happens is that if you go to this website and play anything your sound will be on mute because this website has been muted so you will not get any sound.

So go there open the website clear and reset. Now go back restart you device and your problem will be solved By any chance if it didn't work then go to settings open application then permissions and open app manager. Scroll down  go to chrome browser  and force stop it. Now go to internal storage and clear data.

Go back then go to app permission and allow all the permissions. After that restart your device open chrome browser and try, your problem will be solved.

I have shown you simple method  if you follow this you will not get any problem regarding sound on YouTube.

So that's all I hope this post is helpful, Keep Visiting.

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