How To Fix Instagram Message Notifications Not Showing Problem

 How To Fix Instagram Message Notifications Not Showing Problem

In this post I will show how you can fix message notifications not showing problem on Instagram. If you want to know then watch the post till the end.
And if you don't prefer reading the post then watch the tutorial video given below which will help you to understand more easily.

If you are not getting message notification on Instagram then
 for that click on profile icon. Simply click on the menu bar go to settings and there you can see notifications. Go to notifications then go to direct messages and enable everything. After that you will start getting notifications.

I will show another solutions so for that go to mobile settings scroll down and go to manage apps. Search Instagram apps open it and go to notifications. Click on notifications and if you disable show notifications then you will not get any notifications.

So, if you are not getting notification on Instagram then simply enable that and after you enable that your problem will be fixed. And now you don't have to do anything and your problem will be solved. In this way you can solve the problem if you are not getting notifications on Instagram.

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