How To Fix Instagram Incorrect Username

How To Fix Instagram Incorrect Username

In this post I will show you how to solve this problem. You might be getting username not available so this is the problem. And if you don't want to read the post then you can watch tutorial video given below which will help you to understand in a easy way. 

So, you will get this problem when you create new account or when you try to change your username. Here you will get problem in two place so this is not a problem we can change only username. You can choose available username for that select a unique username.

First of all set a unique username and for that use number or different name. You can use unique names but still if it's showing not available then try different username and see if it's available or not. You can see green tick there so search that tick. If your username is valid then only you can see that green tick and your problem regarding your username, you will be able to change.

You can change and see, you will get green tick and username already added so to save that click on the top right corner tick and now will see that your username is changed. So, in this way you can solve username problem.

We cannot say this as problem because we only have to change our username.

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