How To Fix Facebook You Entered An Old Password Problem

 How To Fix Facebook You Entered An Old Password Problem

As you can see an error on your screen so we will know that it is really an error or not.  According to me 
I don't think its an error you can read the message which is on the screen. How did you get the problem and how you can fix the problem so to know about it read the post till the end.

If you don't want to read then you can watch the tutorial video given below which will help you more effectively.

First of all read the message properly, it's saying that you have entered an old password. S
o, you have to add your current password which you are using now. You will have to add your current password not your old one.  This is a password problem if you forget you password then you can reset your password easily.

To reset password it's very easy just reset your password and your problem will be solved. You can click on forgot password and can follow the process and you will get  an OTP so enter it after that you can change your password from there. When you change your password your problem will be solved.

This is not an error, it's because you forgot the password and when you add an old password you are getting this problem. So, go to Facebook and what you have to do is click on "forgot password" then enter your mobile number. After entering your number click on "find your account" and you will get your account.

If you enter the wrong password then you will get the same problem. Now click on "get code" you will get an interface so click on "continue". You will get a code so fill that and your problem will be solved. If you didn't get code then you can send SMS and request again. But do not do the process repeatedly or else you will get more errors.

Try once and when you get the code enter it and your problem will be solved. You just have to reset your password.

So that's all if you follow all these steps then you can easily fix your problem. 

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