How To Find Gmail Password If Forgotten

 How To Find Gmail Password If Forgotten

In this video I'll show you how to recover Gmail password if you have forgotten. If you want to change then it's very easy I will show you in this post. Read the post till the end so you can understand. And if you don't want to read then you can watch tutorial video given below which will help you to fix your problem.

And what settings is needed to change the password I will show you.
 I will show you in this android. First of all open your Gmail and go to your account. Click on your profile then go to manage your google account. So, wait for a moment then you will get an interface. What you have to do is just slide and go to security. You can see there signing in to google password. To change password you just have to go there.

If  you don't remember your password then you have to go there and there you will get an option to change password.. But for that we have to add your old password and you don't remember that. Click on "forgot password.

If you remember your old password then add it you will get an option to change password. If you remember the first password add it that will work too. You can recover your password simply using that and if you don't remember that too then select try another way. After that wait for some time by using phone we can recover account so select yes. You should not click on "No" and signing is approved so wait for a moment and your account will be recovered.

And if you get some problem then do the same process again. Sometimes when you attempt first time in mobile it will not be successful. So, you have to follow the same steps again and wait if you know how to recover then it will be easy and if you don't know then it will be tough.

Go again to forgot password and you just have to do the same process. If you don't remember old password then try another and through phone we are going to change your password. Now select yes again and your signing will be approved and as you can see it's verifying your phone.

Usually it should be done by first attempt but if  it's not working then you will do third attempts. Do the same process again and your problem will be solved.

So now create new password then save your password. After that you will get your password and if you forget it's very easy to recover your password. You will get an option to change your password so in this way you can recover your Gmail password.

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