How To Delete Instagram Account Without Password

 How To Delete Instagram Account Without Password

In this post I will show how you can delete Instagram account without password. If you want to know then read the post till the end. And if you don't like reading then you can watch tutorial video given below.

So, how you can delete and what is the process you will know later in this post. 
First go to your account and click on the "top right bar". Now go to settings there you will get a help option click on it. So, now you can see a help center option simply click there. You can open help center with any browser. Now I'll show you how you can delete your Instagram account permanently. After going to this page you can see there manage account.

Click on "manage account". After clicking you will have to wait for some time. Now next step is that you will see there delete your account. Click on "delete your account" and read the post till the end if you skip you will not know the process. Now you can see there how do I delete my account click on it. Scroll down and you can see on first 'go to the delete your account page'.

You can see there you will get a blue link so tap there. Now what you will get let's see. As you can see you have got your Instagram delete page option now u will see a black tick there click on that arrow. And then choose an option about why you want to delete your Instagram account and you will have to re enter your password.

So, without your password you can't delete your account permanently. Without it you will never be able to delete. For that you will have to set your password and to set it's not that hard just click on forgot your "password". If you have login Instagram with your number , Facebook or email then you can easily recover your password. So, now you will also see this process that how you can change your password.

Click on "forgot password". And after that you will be able to change your password and to change your password you will have to "click on send link" and get the link then change your password. After getting link change your password. Now go back to previous page and click on permanently delete account. After changing password enter there then come to permanently delete my account and click on it.

This the process and without your password you can't delete your Instagram account. If you want to delete your Instagram account permanently then first you have to change your password and then only you can delete your account. In this way your process will work.

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