How To Clear Facebook Watched History

 How To Clear Facebook Watched History

In this post I'll show you how you can clear all the watched history in Facebook. If you have watched videos or any post then how you can clear or delete all that. To know more about it read the post till the end. And if you don't prefer reading then you can watch tutorial video given below which will help you to fix your problem easily.

For that you have to open Facebook and click on the top right side bar. 
Scroll down and click on "setting privacy" then go to setting. Scroll down again and click on "activity log". Now if you want to search that how many videos you have watched then select on category and if you select all then you will get your recently watched activities. If you want to delete your recent watch then search video you have watch. Now you can see an arrow on the right side click on that and delete it will be removed or you can click "clear" on the top everything will be gone.

You can go in category and can see the post which you have watched. Everything will be shown there and to remove that click on side and delete it. You can also click on "clear button" and delete everything. Simply go to filter and whatever you want to delete photo or anything select there and you can clear or delete it.

So, in this way you can easily fix your problem.

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