How To Open Bank of India Bank Account Online

How To Open Bank of India Bank Account Online

In this post I will show you how to open Bank Of India Bank Account  through online. To know more about it kindly read the post till the end.
If you don't prefer reading the post then you can watch the tutorial video given below or you can just continue reading.

First of all go to the website of Bank of India and if you scroll down you will get an account opening option s
o click on it and as soon as you click there you will get a page. You will get a form page there so you can fill up the form. if you have any problem regarding filling up the form then I will show you how to fill up the form.

You can see existing customer so keep that as "no". After that click on "type of holder" and you can select single or joint account. Mostly we create single account so you can click that and then wait for a moment. Now scroll down and  give your name there. You should know that everything which is tick with red is compulsory.

After that you will have to select your salutation and give you first name and surname there. You will have to give your date of birth then select your gender and select your marital status if married then select married if not then single.

Now you will have to give  correspondence address or your permanent address. After that select your state, city then give your pin code, mobile no. and email address. Then scroll down select your state and your branch name. And on organizational type you can give individual.

Select account type whether current or savings according to what you have choose. Give the date and for your pin code it will automatically detect. Now the branch manager of India it will be your declaration. For initially you will have to deposit minimum five hundred. And for services required you can select all so that you can get all the available facilities.

After that you will have to agree "terms and conditions" and also you can read from there. Now give you pan card details and if you don't have then fill the form 60/61. For nomination if you want to give then select "required" if not then select "not required". And there you can give the name of nominee also give the name and complete address of nominee and relationship. If nominee is minor then you will have to give his/her date of birth.

After that select your occupation then your yearly income and select your community then give your education. And if you have any other account then you can give details but this is only optional you can leave it. You can give your assets value in lac and if you want credit card then select yes and residence ownership means whether you have your own house or you are on a rented house.

For assets value you can give how much your property value is. You can also select whether you want mutual funds or not. If you want life insurance and for how much you want you can select there. If you want other investment or not you can select but it's optional. For "existing credit facilities" you can select anyone or you can do it later. And for document to be submitted you need to give proof of identity and address.

You can select Aadhar card for proof of identity and ration card for address and you will have to upload your Aadhar card and ration card. For additional document required you will have to upload latest passport size photograph. After doing everything check once whether anything is left to do or not if there is nothing then click on "submit". After that you will see something like that which you will get  on the screen you can do it. And then your application will be submitted.

After three days you will have to visit bank with your identity of proof and address  with original copy. Go the nearest branch which you have selected and take the reference number too. What happens is that if you do that you will not have to wait on the line you will instantly get the kit. So you can easily open your account through online.

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