How To Fix Call Automatically Cut Off Problem

 How To Fix Call Automatically Cut Off Problem

In this post I will show how you can fix automatically cut off problem. If you want to know more then read the post till the end.

And  if you don't want to read, then you can watch the tutorial video given below which will help you to understand more.

Sometimes you may get this kind of problem and your phone may get automatically cut off and you might get this kind of problem. If you are getting the problem then read  the post till the end and I will show you the solution step by step.

You just follow the given steps and your problem will be definitely fixed. First of all check your network, If your network is slow then select network and  for that you can also automatically select. If you want you can change your network connection from 3g to 4g. So, try this and check because of network your call gets automatically cut off.

If your network is good but still you are getting problem then you will have to do other solution. Restart your mobile and then check whether it's fixed or not. If it's still the same problem then go to mobile settings. Scroll down and go to connection and sharing there you will get reset, WIFI, mobile networks and Bluetooth option.

So, from here you can refresh network connections. You can see network setting and reset option. Now you have to reset all network setting and then your problem will be solved. If you don't get this settings then go back and search network setting reset. If you type then you will get easily. After that restart and check again so with that your problem should be fixed.

If not then go to settings, scroll down open apps and go to manage apps. After that search phone service or call management ,you can see the dialer tap on it now force stop it and clear the data.

Go back restart your mobile and  try to call, your problem will be fixed. So, with the help of this solution you can fix and if you get the problem again then what you have to do is try to eject your sim and see. Wipe your sim card and insert it again. After inserting the sim check again and with this your problem will be fixed.

So, in this way you can follow the given solutions and your automatically cut off problem will be fixed.

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