How To Fix Android Swipe Down Menu Not Working Problem

 How To Fix Android Swipe Down Menu Not Working Problem

In this post I will show how you can fix swipe down menu problem. So, read the post till the end and follow the given steps.

If you don't want to read, then you can watch the tutorial video given below or can continue reading the post.

Sometimes menu gets locked and because of that you might get the problem. I will show you some solutions if you follow that your problem will be solved. So, read the post till the end and follow the given solutions solutions.

First of all restart your phone once and after doing that click on resend button. Clear all the recent used applications. After that go to settings, scroll down and click on "apps" then go to manage apps. Search your settings, system launcher and system UI.

Go to settings force stop it and clear all the data then go to system launcher force stop it and clear the data. After clearing data go to app permissions and allow all the permissions. Now go to system UI, force stop it and clear the cache. After doing everything restart your device again. And with this your problem will be fixed so you just have to follow the solutions.

If you are using Samsung mobile then there is one trick for lock screen. You have to check the lock because you might have mistakenly enabled it. So, you have to check that feature. You will get a feature where you can lock any area of a screen on Samsung. Your problem might be screen touch  and to check that go to developer option.

To enable developer watch the video now search pointer location, enable your pointer location and check it. If you touch and is not working then you can see from there. So, just use the pointer location and see. So, in this way you can check your touch. Because of touch problem you cannot pull down and also you can update your mobile software for that go to software and update your system update and it will solve your problem. As well as you can follow back up and reset process.

So this was the complete solutions  and I have shown you all the available solutions. If you follow any of these solutions then you can easily solve your problem.

I hope you like the post. Thanks for reading.

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