How To Fix Android Flashlight Not Working Problem

 How To Fix Android Flashlight Not Working Problem

In this post I will show how you can fix android flashlight not working problem. So, read the post till the end and follow the given solutions. If you follow all the steps properly, your problem will be fixed and you will be able to use flashlight. But you have to read the post properly, then follow the given steps.

If you don't prefer to read this post, you may watch the video tutorial below or you can continue the reading.

Sometimes because of problem in motherboard and crush in software you may get the problem. And also if it is damaged in flashlight then you will get the problem. There will be many reason for your flashlight not working.

So, you have to try some solutions and see why you are getting this problem. First of all open settings, go to apps then  in manage apps. After that search flash light and if you don't get flash light option go to settings force stop it also clear the data.

Now go to system launcher then force stop it and clear data.  Then go to app permission allow all the permission and go to system UI. Now go there force stop it and clear the cache then go to about phone. After going to storage clean cache and check whether you have bad application or not and how you can uninstall that unwanted apps.

Check the application which you have downloaded from browser, leaving play store if you have download from browser then it is called bad app and will damage the system so uninstall the apps. If you have uninstall then restart your phone once. After you restart your phone enable your flash light and check whether it's fixed or not. Try clicking two to three times your problem will be definitely fixed.

So, just follow the given solutions. If after doing that you are still getting problem then go to settings again. Go to about phone and update your software and check if it's fixed or not. If it doesn't fix then take the backup and reset feature. If there is any problem with software then it can be fix only if you go to technician. They will repair your flash light.

Sometimes because of wiring problem your flash light stops working. So, this can be the reason and in this way you can fix the problem.

I hope you like the post. Thanks for reading.

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