How to fix Airtel sim not showing network problem

How to fix Airtel SIM not showing network problem 

If your SIM card is not showing network in your phone, do not skip the post so you won't miss the important options. There may be many reason for not showing network. I will teach you five settings to solve your problem. And in this five solutions the last setting will be major and very important. 

If you don't prefer to read this post, you may watch the video tutorial below or you can continue the reading.

Go to mobile setting and turn on the flight mode. Switch off your phone and remove your sim card. Now put your sim card back, switch on your phone and turn off the flight mode. Sometimes 50% of our network problem are solved by doing this simple solution. 

If your network is showing then its good , if not then you can do other solutions for that go to settings and open dual sim /cellular network. It may show sim management or mobile network in your mobile. Go to sim and select the sim which is not working. Now click on "carrier" option and turn off automatically search or select. When you keep this option "on" it automatically detects the available network. If you turn it off  you can select it manually.

Sometimes because of this you get network problem. So, you can select the available network. Try first one, if it is not working try second and if it is still error then try the third one. After doing this your problem will be solved but this is not permanent it is for temporary. You can use that network for a while and later on if it does not work turn on automatically select. So, keep that as automatically select and go back.

We have done two solutions and for the third one you have to reset your network settings. Sometimes because of doing some wrong settings you get this kind of problem. So, reset your mobile settings only, do not reset the whole phone. If you restore you will lose all your data.

Now go settings and click on "additional" setting.  For location be care full it may be ups and down. You may not find in your phone so, go to backup and reset. Go to reset to factory setting and click on "reset" system setting only. Enter your password and click on "reset" system setting only, now reset the system setting. When you do this your sim, network and call setting will be set as default and your network problem will be solved.

You may also get network problem because of system update. Check your software update and if it's available update it. After you update your problem will be definitely solved.

Lastly, even after doing everything if your network is still not showing then call your customer care with different number sometimes because of technical problem, server down or may be some problem in your sim you might get this problem. You can talk with your customer care and he/she will help you out to solve your problem. 

So, by doing that you can fix your problem.

I hope you like the post. Thanks for reading.

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