How To Activate Net Banking On Deena Bank

 How To Activate Net Banking On Deena Bank

In this post I will show how you can activate net banking on Deena bank. If you want to know more about it then read the post till the end.

If you don't prefer reading the post, you can watch the tutorial video given below or you can continue reading the post.

First of all what you have to do is, I have given the link in the video you can go and check. When you click on the link a page will open, there you will get login to New Internet Banking Application so click on it. As soon as you click there you will get the page. After that click on first time log in then you will get another page.

Enter your user ID then enter your account number too and click on submit. After clicking there you will get three steps. When you complete these three step your internet banking will be activate. First of all enter your debit card number then give your ATM pin card. Enter your expiry date which you will get on ATM card with month and year. Now click on validate and that you will have to do second steps.

After clicking on validate you will get into second steps what you have to do is click on proceed to generate OTP and you will get an OTP on your phone. Enter that OTP there and click on confirm. After clicking there you will get into last steps and there you have to generate password. You have to make password which you can remember but others will not.

And the password should be both with alphabets and numbers. After that create a transaction password then click on confirm. As soon as you click there your internet banking will be activate. Now come on the page enter your user ID and enter the password then click on submit.

Your internet banking activation will be done and also you will be logged in. You will be able to transfer money and can do different banking services.

I hope this post is helpful, Keep visiting.

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