Call Not Reachable For One Number Setting

 Call Not Reachable For One Number Setting

In this post I'll show how you can set as "not reachable" to a particular person. If it's possible then I'll explain how you will do and what you have to do.

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If you go to call dial and click on "gear icon" then on
 "carrier call settings" you will get "call forwarding" which is call divert and if we click on "voice call" we can directly divert only one call.

But there is no feature that we can set not reachable for a particular person. In place of that whichever number you want to keep not reachable then go to contacts and open that number. When you open that you will see add to blacklist. If you add it on blacklist then what happens is that when that particular person calls you It will not ring. And that person will not know that you have blocked.

So, this is the best solution and when you block that particular number not only reachable but the call will not ring. And in this way you can solve your problem.

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