Call Settings In OPPO Phone

                  Call Settings In OPPO Phone

In this video I will show how to do complete call settings. So, read the post till the end. And if you don't prefer reading then you can watch the tutorial video given below or you can continue reading the post.

First of all go to dialer then click the "gear icon" on the top right corner. Now you will get complete settings. When you click on identification of unknown numbers what happens is that we get an option to identify the mobile number from the company. Whenever someone calls you will get an option to identify call.

If you keep this off you will not be able to identify you will have to enable it. You will get an update using cellular data, quick action for calls from unknown numbers. If you enable quick action you will get an option to block, blacklist and save. So let's go back and check block,  and here you can block all the incoming calls. You can also block unknown incoming calls. You can block unknown number by the location or origin  and this is a good feature.

You can select particular location and block the unknown numbers. When you enable block one ring incoming calls and if anyone calls you and if you have kept the numbers on block then even if the person calls you, you will get ring only one time and then it will hang up itself. You will also know who called you and whom you have blocked . So, in this way you will know and if you have enabled this but you kept that off then whether you have blocked the contacts or not and also you will not know if they are calling or not.

So, you can enable this and you will get an option block calls from the hidden numbers. If you have have hidden numbers in your contacts and you want to block then you can do from there. Now I have enable block suspected fraud calls so if the calls comes it will be blocked. You can enable block harassment calls, block add and promotion calls and many more.

Now go to blacklist and all the blocked contacts will be shown there. You can also unblock by clicking there. When you go to whitelist, calls and messages from whitelist numbers will not be blocked. When you save contacts you will get white list option. If you select that as whitelist then that number will not be blocked.

Sometimes when you don't want to block all the numbers then first save the numbers in whitelist. After that you can block all the numbers that's why this feature is given. Now here you have blocked call notification you may have blocked contacts so whether you want to see or not You will also get call recording option.

It will auto record if you contact any phone and you can also particularly add anyone. Suppose I have add anyone then the call of that particular person will be automatically recorded. You can see "record all unknown numbers" if you enable it all the unknown numbers will recorded  or you can select record all calls and your all calls will be recorded. You can also set up recording shortage limit.

Now when you click on "check all call recording" your call recordings will be shown there. Go back and there you will get an option as "automatic answer". If you are using headphone and riding a bike, you get difficult to pick calls that time so it will automatically receive the call  and you can also set the time to receive call.

Now vibrate when answer and hang up if you enable this, when you answer the call it will automatically vibrate and when you hang up the call it will vibrate, you can also keep it as disable. When the screen is "on" press the power button to hang up. So, when you are on call you can hang up through power button.

Now if someone is calling and you are at work or may be at meeting you can respond with SMS  and the last option is "call carrier setting". We have voicemail so to send voice mail you can set number, You will get fixed dialing numbers. Now when we talk about call forwarding you will get call divert option in voice call so if your network is not good on your current number but on another it is good then you can divert call on any other number as always forward it and enter your mobile number. Enable it and call will be diverted.

So, this is your call divert or call forward option. When you go to call barring you will get outgoing and incoming calls settings. Now in additional setting you can check your mobile number and can set call waiting.

 Lastly if you want to reset your call settings completely then go to mobile setting and search system apps. Now go to call then open application and simply search call management. Select all application or system application then search call. Click on it and go to storage usage and clear all the data after that your call settings will be reset.

In this way you can completely set your call setting in OPPO phone. 

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