How to Fix Airtel Sim Not Showing Network Problem

How to fix Airtel sim not showing network problem

So, guys if your sim card is not showing network in your phone

Regarding network problem then do not skip the video so, you won't miss the important options

So, guys there may be many reason for not showing network

And I will teach you five settings to solve your problem

And in this five solutions last setting will be major and very important

So, guys without wasting time let's start and before we start the video

Subscribe the channel, like and hit the bell icon

Go to mobile setting and turn on the flight mode

Switch off your phone and remove your sim card

Now put your sim card back, switch on your phone and turn off flight mode

Sometimes 50% our network problem are solved by doing this

If your network is showing then its good , if not then I'll show you other settings

Go to settings and go to dual sim and cellular network

In your phone it will show sim management or mobile network

Go to sim and select the sim which one is not working

Now click on "carrier" option and turn off automatically search or select

When we keep this option "on" it automatically detects the available network

And by turning off we can select the network manually

Sometimes because of this we face network issues

So, select the available network

Try first one, if it is not working try second and if it is still error then try third one

After doing this your problem will be solved but this is not permanent it is temporary

And you can use that network for a while and later on if it does not work turn on automatically select

For now we will keep as automatically and go back

So, we have done two settings and for the third one you have to reset your network settings

Sometimes we do some wrong settings and because of that we face problems

So, reset your mobile settings only do not restore the whole phone

If you restore you will lose your data

Now go settings and click no "additional" setting

So, for location be care full it may be ups and down and what I'm showing

You may not find in your phone so, go to backup and reset

And now go to reset to factory setting and click on "reset" system setting only

And fill the password and click on "reset" system setting only now reset system setting

If you do this your sim, network and call setting will be default

And your network problem will be solved

Now in this fourth option because of system update we find network problem

Check your software update and if it's available update it

After you update your problem will be solved definitely

Fifthly, after doing everything still network is not showing then

With different number call your customer care sometimes because of technical issue

May be because of server down or may be because of some problems in sim

You can talk with your customer care

So, guys by doing this you can fix your problem

I hope this article helps you solving your problem, Thanks. 

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