Ma Timilai Maya Garchu Meaning in Hindi | How to say "Ma timilai Maya Garchu in Hindi"

Ma Timilai Maya Garchu Meaning in Hindi

Nepali Language is one of the most sweetest language in the world and and it comes under the top 20 as world's richest language. Now let's come to the point and learn the meaning of "Ma Timilaai maya Garchu" in Hindi

Ma timilai maya garchu is the most popular word in Nepali language and being a Nepali native speaker I have the natural capability to illustrate the best meaning of it. 

It's meaning is "I love you" and in hindi it is "मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ" or "Mein tumse pyar karta hu" In Hindi we use "I love you" specifically from a male and female but in Nepali there is no such "Mein Karti Hu or Mein Karta Hu" Whether you are male or female, you can use "Ma Timilai Maya Garchu" as I love you. that's it.

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