Income Area Review - Income Real or Fake

Income Area Review - Income Real or Fake

If you are here on my blog then you might have heard about the and planing to join but before joining to Income Area you want to know whether it is fake or real then you are in the right place. Today I will give a brief review about the Income Area website. 

Income Area claims to be an auto filling plan which is equivalent to a referral or chain marketing program which basically works on referring people. 

As you all know about the Chain marketing that how chain marketing works and how you get paid by working on it. 

In chain marketing you have to join down-line in order to get profit and to get referral is really not easy but this website make it easy for you to get down-line quickly because it is giving you a huge profit, they also claim that if you work on this site you can earn up to Rs.5,24,29,550/- just by promoting the plan. OMG! 5 Crore? 

They have a very simple business plan; You have to join with Rs. 900 and when you join 2 people under your sponsor id on left and right then you'll get Rs. 525 on both side and after that you will get only Rs. 25 in each referral up to 20th level. 

Income Area Website owner doesn't show up their real identity and working anonymously. How can you trust a website who promise to give you profit but in order to get the profit you have to pay them Rs. 900/- this is extremely illogical. 

Recently I have invested some money on EPC Wallet, Quantet Marketing, Green Wallet, I am Way and many more but the result at the end was horrible, all the companies are abscond and all my hard earned money is gone in vain then I realized that you should never invest money on something which is not genuine and specially those company who hides their identity. 

EPC Wallet and Quantet marketing had their own office and have shown their identity but still then they abscond. Even after showing their identity and company office they run away then how can we rely on something who doesn't even show their identity.

      Now See some below review images: 

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  1. Income area is really giving income if you really work to put downline (activated) under you. But i suggest you to activate your ID within 3 days of joining to avoid pay more joining fee.


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