How to fix Unfortunately Whatsapp has stopped on Redmi 2, Redmi Note 4G, Mi 4, Redmi 1S

How to fix Unfortunately Whatsapp has stopped on Redmi 2, Redmi Note 4G, Mi 4, Redmi 1S

Hey beautiful people of Internet! Welcome to my fresh blog post where you will find the solution for fixing your entire Whatsapp error in just one article. Well, having a problem on Whatsapp is very common these days and thanks to the internet because there is nothing that internet cannot has, I mean the tech solution for any problem. Now let's get into the matter without wasting time.

Know the Meaning in Hindi: Unfortunately Whatsapp has stopped meaning in Hindi

How to fix Unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped:

"Unfortunately whatsapp has stopped" is very common and we usually face this problem in daily basis and specially when you have the low range android device but there is hopefully there is a solution for each problems.

If you don't want to read the article then you can watch the video below and solve your problem or if you don't want to watch the video then you can continue the article:

How to Fix "Unfortunately Whatsapp has stopped"

Method 1: 

1. Go to settings 
2. Select "Intelligent power saving"
(If you don't have the Intelligent power saving option, Try alternative method illustrated below).
3. Find whatsapp and unmarked it. 
4. Now go to settings 
5. Select About phone
6. Click Device Information 
7. Now press "Build Number" option 5 times continuously 
8. Now the Developer mode is enabled 
9. Go back and Click Developer Option 
10. Click "Background process limit" 
11. Choose "No background processes limit"
Now open your whatsapp, you will find your whatsapp problem solved. 

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Method 2:

1. Go to settings
2. Click App Management or Apps 
3. Find Whatsapp and click 
4. Click Storage
5. Now click "Clear Date" Please note that before Clearing data you have to backup your chats,images,videos because once you click "Clear Date" you your whatsapp will be as newly installed whatsapp. 
6. Now go to your mobile settings again
7. Go to data storage 
8. Now click "Clear Data" by doing this your problem of "Unfortunately whatsapp has stopped" will be solved. 

Method 3:

Method 3 is very simple and easy, All you need to do is; Uninstall your whatsapp application and re-intall it, your issue will be solved. 

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