How to convert Airtel 4g to 5g | Convert Airtel 4g Network into 5g

How to convert Airtel 4g to 5g

Hello People of Internet! One of the most exciting day we all have been waiting for that when the 5g will launch in India and so we will have it's benefit fully.

What is 5g

Where information equals freedom right now your phone probably says 4G LTE in the top corner of your screen soon that will change to 5g this is a new advancement in wireless communications but 5g is different than anything we've had up until now 2g 3G 4G 4G LTE and now 5g.

What does it mean well to put it simply the G stands for generation as in the next generation of wireless technologies each generation is supposedly faster more reliable and more secure but it is also more invasive the goal of the new 5g roll-out is to create the Internet of Things a goal to create a nightmarish control grid where everything you can imagine 

will be chipped and trapped including you this is going to be a massive blanket control of everything and the monitoring of everyone the Internet of Things is a term coined by Kevin Ashton of Proctor and Gamble in 1999 and 20 years later this prediction will become a reality 5g networks is referring to the high frequency band between 30 gigahertz and 300 gigahertz in what we call the millimeter wave spectrum these waves will be incredibly faster but will not travel this far this is why you're going to see more antennas to accompany this new 5g wireless network and when we say more antennas we mean tons more they will have to do this to achieve the same coverage as the 4G networks currently have as of right now.

The projected widespread release of this technology is the year 2020 there is a considerable concern among people that the 5g system will potentially become weaponized this is a claim that should not be taken lightly as the military currently uses similar frequency bands in its Active Denial system this is a weapon system that uses the mix of microwave and millimeter waves to heat up a certain target this weapon can be used in non-lethal and lethal capacities it's not hard to imagine a situation where hackers or other nefarious parties gain control of the system and potentially use it in a harmful way we can all agree on faster download speeds in a better connection but at what cost are we willing to obtain these goals. 

How to convert Jio 4g to 5g:

The title of this blog post is "How to convert Airtel 4g to 5gbut currently till Feb 2019 the 5g is not available in India for Airtel network but once as soon as it launch we will share entire details to this post that how you can convert your Airtel 4g network into 5g till then read the below article about the most interesting information about 5g. 

Post updated on 1st Jan 2019

When the 5g will launch?

We cannot give any timeline. but the world over people are talking to launch 5G by May or June 2020. But, there are some expectations that we may see 5G (launch) in 2019 itself. 

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