How to close Dena bank account with negative balance online

How to close Dena bank account with negative balance online

In today's advance running world, It takes few minutes to open a bank account online but what if we want to close it instantly or online with a negative balance? Well, If you want to know whether or not you can close your bank account with negative balance or how you can close your bank account with negative balance then keep reading this article. In this post you will know the entire information about closing your bank account with negative balance. 

Let's begin!

Please Note: Please read your bank's terms and conditions and RBI guideline for closing your bank account before you apply for below procedure. 

Step - 1 : Call Customer care executive on phone- Ask him/her to raise case and arrange call from your home branch.

Step - 2 - You will receive a call within 24 hours from your bank branch.
You have to tell them that they should waive off the negative balance on high priority. After that they will say, will check with their Branch Manager and contact bank to you. After few minutes or hours. They will call you back, It will be the same person or the different person from your bank. that person will state saying that you need to pay complete amount for account closure. 

Step - 3 Now read here very carefully and try what I have experienced while closing my bank account with a negative balance. Once you get connect with them on call. You have to tell them that "I am not going to pay you a single amount to you guys, However If I leave my account with negative balance as it is, my account will be closed automatically after 2 years which is called "Dormant". Then, they will say that they will talk with the Branch Manager and get bank with you. 

Step - 4 After few minutes or hours they will call you bank, and ask you Sir/Mam, our bank manager is ready to waive off some of your amount for example If you have 5000 negative balance then they will waive off 3000 and you have to pay the remaining amount Rs. 2000 for account closure. 

Step -5 Now Don't turn with your word and Tell them the same story "No! No! I will not pay even a single amount to you guys, However even If i leave the account as it is, this account will close automatically after 2 years which is called "Dormant) Nobody will ever pay for closing their account. Then they will repeat the same thing again "They will get back to you after talking with their Bank Manager" Now you have to write an immediately to your bank's support team and raise the same issue in Facebook Page (One to one message) 

Step- 6 Now tell them that all the conversations has been recorded successfully and will be upload in various platform like Facebook, YouTube & Twitter etc. 

Step - 7 Finally you will receive a call from bank officials stating that Branch Manager has approved to close your bank account and waive off your AMB which is Average Monthly Balance charges. but you have to visit branch once. 

Step- 8 Now you have to go to branch and get a account closure form and fill your name, account number, reason to close your account and your signature in 5 to 6 places. They will close your close your account and give you an acknowledgment of account closure receipt and finally your account will be permanently closed within 24 hrs.

RBI New Law: According to the new law passed by RBI, Once the account balance reach to zero, private banks has no right to further deduct penalty for non maintenance of minimum balance. So, in case if you leave the account as it is which is called (Dormant) There is no need to worry about but it is better that you go to the your home bank and request to get your account closed if you don’t want to use it anymore. I have recently closed my account. My account had nearly 7,000 rupees in negative. They closed the account without charging anything. 

For Non Private Banks: If the bank still deny to accept your request then either close your account by paying the negative amount or leave your account as it is. Leaving your bank account as it is may affect your Credit Score and it will impact you in future to have account to other banks.

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