Bheloghat Waterfall | Bheloghat Waterfall Karbi Anglong Review

Bheloghat Waterfall Review by Visitors:

Bheloghat Location:

NH 36, Assam 782441
Bhelughat Water Fall, Address

Bheloghat Waterfall is located under Karbi-Anglong District Assam. 
Karbi Anglong district is one of the 33 administrative districts of Assam state in Northeastern India. The district is bounded by Golaghat district on the east, Morigaon district on the west, Nagaon and Golaghat districts on the north and Dima Hasao district and Nagaland state on the south. Read more about Karbi Anglong

Must read this post before you visit Bheloghat Waterfall:

Bheloghat Waterfall is one of the best place to visit and especially when you want to go for a picnic or day excursion. The waterfall is located to NH 36, Karbi Anglong 782441 8265+3V Ram Honse Assam. 

Let me share with you my experience visiting Bhelughat Waterfall. Before the trip we had no idea about the location and it's do's and don'ts but now I know everything about Bheloghat and here I'm giving the best reviews and advice so that one can have a tremendous adventure visiting Bheloghat Waterfall. It was on 3rd Jan 2019 I and our entire team from Nepali Christian Church Dimapur departed from Dimapur early in the morning at 5:00 am. I exactly don't know where are you traveling from but If you are traveling from Dimapur then it will take you around 5 hrs to reach there. We moved at 5:00 am and reached there at 10:00 am. It is exact 125KM from Dimapur to Bheloghat Waterfall 

Do's and Dont's at Bheloghat Waterfall Compound: 

Visiting hours: 0:07 am to 4:00 pm 
Intoxicating Narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited at waterfall zone.  
Cooking/Eating is strictly prohibited at the waterfall zone. 
Throwing Garbage is strictly prohibited
Bathing/Fishing is strictly prohibited at the waterfall zone. 
Plucking and taking natural beauty is prohibited in the waterfall zone. 
Using abomination is strictly prohibited at the waterfall zone. 
You need to pay Rs. 20 for per person to enter the picnic compound (The Ground) and you also need to pay the parking charge, parking fee depends on your vehicle type, we took the bus so, we were charged Rs. 200/- for parking the bus on their community ground. 

Violation/Disagree of the rules will be imposed fine Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand)

In our visit, we had a terrible experience because at the waterfall area one person fell down from the huge stone, There were many people tried to save that person but he was already dead. 

Please note: If you are visiting the waterfall then keep your team safe, Especially if you are taking your children then don't let them go to the top corner of the waterfall. 


At the end, I would say that our trip was enjoyable and tremendous except that incident. 

Here are some pictures and videos that I have taken while our visit: 

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