Faithfulness Testimony of Simadri Reddy

Faithfulness Testimony of Simadri Reddy                           

It was a late night of 9:30 P.M, My friend asked me to drop him to the railway station to catch 10:45 P: M train to Guwahati. On the way two middle-aged couples with luggage asked for a lift to the railway station, it was drizzling so in hurry they got down, paid the auto fare and went inside the Dimapur railway station. I wished my friend a safe journey then I returning home; on reaching the petrol pump I got down to fill my auto rickshaw tank. Then I saw one ladies purse in the back seat of the Auto rickshaw, in my curiosity I unzipped the purse, the excitement level reached the peak point on seeing the Rs.2000/- and Rs.500/- bundle. I started my auto and moved towards home planning what to do next with the money, on the way a voice was speaking return the money another side the picture of my financial hardships of unpaid loans, credits were appearing one after another. Then I closed my eyes and prayed for Gods direction the voice of giving back gave me more pressure; then and then I took U-turn moved straight to railway station I searched for this couple but couldn’t find them. I could see the train waiting for passengers in the platform I could hear the announcement, I could see people hurrying to get inside the train. Nowhere I could find this couples in the platform then; I thought I’ll ask the official to announce about the lost purse; I saw two old couples wiping their tears and coming towards the office, I could see the happiness in their eyes, I saw the joy of tears they were thanking God. They were leaving for Guwahati for health treatment they asked my contact number and said will meet me soon. I moved for my house, I felt sense of relaxing on, on the other hand, I felt awkward on not receiving a single amount as reward..! I reached home thanked God and continued my normal life: after three days an unknown number called me to meet him, it was the son of that couple whom I had returned the purse. He invited me to his house and provided me lunch and also gave me a local chicken and an envelope as a token of appreciation, we had good interaction; beside auto-rickshaw business I said I’m a church secretary, he asked me whether I knew  how much amount was inside the purse I replied NO I didn’t count; he said the total amount was 2.5lac and his parents were on the way to Guwahati for major treatment. I thanked him for the gift and left for home there was 10000/- in the envelope; I experienced the fulfillment of the word of God in my life, It felt like I passed the examination the major test.

This testimony was given by Simadari Reddy at church service during Thanksgiving program 9/9/2018. He is a church secretary at Gorkha Christian church 2 1/2 Mile Dimapur he is a businessman by profession; he is the only Christian from his family. His parents are orthodox Hindus he accepted Christ during his youth days, he was kicked out of his house because of change in faith. He struggled for years to stand in his own feet later got married blessed with two sons and very soon church leaders appointed him as church secretary seeing his faithfulness in supporting church activities.

His life has a great testimony of the love of Christ in his life,  he is still praying that his whole family turns to Christ so one day together they will worship the living God.

Source : Dimapur Auto rickhshaw driver returns 2lacs to passenger

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  1. This truly is a powerful testimony. I love the lord for showing him how important it was to do the right all the time!


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