A Man Says: Nagaland is the most Dangerous State in India

Viral Video About: Nagaland is the most Dangerous State in India 

A guy on YouTube stated "Nagaland is the most Dangerous State in India" the video has been watched by 21 million people on YouTube, Undoubtedly, there are millions of non-Nagaland citizens who watched this video and certainly, tons of people's brain has been washed by this disgusting video.
Creating negativity is very cheap and easy business these days on the internet. What this guy has stated on video is extremely wrongly interpreted and this is massively embarrassing to Nagaland people.  I request every Nagaland citizens to please watch the video below and support this article to remove this video from youtube. Yes! we can remove this video from youtube if you follow the complete article after watching the video.

Let me rectify this video:

1. Nagaland has it's own mother tongue "Nagamese Language" which is most spoken language in Nagaland, not Ao
2. Dogs are not the popular meat that used in Nagaland, it is Pork and Chicken and having dogs meat is not a tradition in Nagaland and there are very few people who prefer to eat dogs meat not everyone.
3. There is not even a single place in Nagaland that is dangerous to visit.

4. In Nagaland, people use crackers in festivals like Christmas, Durga Puja, Diwali not real bombs

5. The Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act (NLTP) banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in 1989 so in Nagaland any kind of alcohol is illegal. 

Everything in the above video was wrongly interpreted except Hornbill Festival and Literacy rate of Nagaland.  

Why this guy created this video with the title "Nagaland is the Most Dangerous Place in India"? 

Many people reading this article might be familiar with YouTube earning, that people are earning huge amount of money by creating negativity on Youtube. 

YouTube is the best platform to make money by monetizing videos, this guy has just made 10lac + INR from this video. he made this video just for the sake of money because his title is eye-catching and he was sure that everyone will certainly watch the video or he may have a personal enmity with someone in Nagaland so he created this video.  

If Nagaland is the most Dangerous place in India then it would have declared by the Government, not by the Fake YouTuber. 

Let us remove this video from YouTube! 

If we find a video that infringes on someone's rights or causes offense for other reasons, we can ask YouTube to remove it using the service's flagging feature. 

To report the video kindly follow the below procedure: 

1. Click Here to Open that video 

2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner 

3. One popup will slide up, Click on "Report" 

4. Again a Popup will open with eight options 
  1. Sexual Content 
  2. Violent or repulsive content 
  3. Hateful or abusive content 
  4. Harmful dangerous acts
  5. Child abuse 
  6. Infringes my rights
  7. Promotes terrorism
  8. Spam or misleading 

You have to select "Span or Misleading" then click "Report" So, now the video is flagged. 
YouTube has a policy if maximum people Report the video then it will be removed faster. 

I Request everyone to let us contribute a small amount of efforts to save our State from being Misinterpreted. 

You Just Have To Do: 

1. Share this Article to Every Facebook Groups, Every Whatsapp Groups, and Every Social Site so that maximum numbers can participate on reporting this video and hopefully this video will be removed by the YouTube team.

Thank You! 

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