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Open United Bank of India Account Online 

To create a Bank account has become very easier than in past decades. There was a time when we visit our Bank for every individual work, but now everything has arrived at Digital Work and even to create a Bank Account Online is as easy as feeding a child. So, today in this post I will show you how you can create a bank account Online in United Bank of India in a no time, by simply staying at Home. 

  • STEP 1

Where you will get Account Opening form. Fill up all the mandatory box and
      click   on the Green button " Click here to complete the application" 


After submitting the application you will receive an email with a reference number and a link to verify your email. Now click on the "Click here" Link on mail and you will be redirected to Login Page. 


Now, log in with using the reference number from the received mail. The password is your first two character of your name and your Date of Birth which you have entered while filling the first form. After logging, you have to wait for 24 hrs then Bank Executive will contact you with and the Executive will come to your home. You have to keep your documents with you so that the Executive will come to your home and activate your Account Immediately.  


If you don't receive any call from Bankside then you may contact them on their contact details below. 

Watch a Quick Video About How to Open United bank of India Bank Account Online:

This is how you can create your Bank Account online with United Bank of  India 
I believe this post definitely helps you to create your bank account.

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