Better Life Home Shop Review | Scam or Not?


Betterlife Home Shop is a Multi-level marketing, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived. Click Here to know more about Network Marketing.  

What is the Better Life Home Shop?

Better Life Home Shop is based in India and is marketed towards Indians. The admins behind the program, however, are anonymous; there's no information regarding who's running the company. 
Better Life Home Shop Membership: 
Enrolling in membership is free, but funds must be transferred to the given bank account details on the Company's website in order to use it. There are 7 packages, all listed in Indian Rupees (INR): 
  1. 2500       + Gst INR – approximately $35 USD
  2. 5,000      + Gst INR – approximately $69 USD
  3. 10,000    + Gst INR – approximately $139 USD
  4. 25,000    + Gst INR – approximately $348 USD
  5. 50,000    + Gst INR – approximately $696 USD
  6. 100,000  + Gst INR – approximately $1393 USD
  7. 1,50,000 + Gst INR – approximately $2090 USD
The company provides various products for each package. 


Better Life Home Shop Opportunity: 

In addition to becoming a member, members can also earn incentives for both depositing money into the system and also recruiting others. These come in the form of daily bonuses that last for terms of 200 days, and the amount of each bonus is dependent on each packages member purchase. 
  1. 2500        INR nets 25 INR Daily 
  2. 5,000       INR nets 50 INR Daily 
  3. 10,000     INR nets 100 INR Daily 
  4. 25,000     INR nets 250 INR Daily 
  5. 50,000     INR nets 600 INR Daily 
  6. 100,000   INR nets 1200 INR Daily 
  7. 1,50,000  INR nets 1800 INR Daily 
Better Life Home Shop also rewards recruiters with a 5% referral bonus on new recruits, a 10% matching bonus on the number of money recruits invest, and “promo booster income” for every 2 direct recruits that adds 15, 50, 150, or 500 INR daily depending on what your level of investment is. 

Better Life Home Shop Verdict: 

Better Life Home Shop, from everything we've seen, doesn't seem to be a good idea. While the core product, it's the MLM money-making scheme that's tacked on to it that concerns us.
There's no information regarding where Better Life Home Shop is getting the money to pay its members all these bonuses. No mention of any investment activity or anything like that means that the only source of income for the company is from individuals depositing funds into the system.
In other words, the only way to award daily bonuses to its existing members is for Better Life Home Shop to take money from new recruits in order to do so.
Eventually, there won't be enough people enrolled in Better Life Home Shop to pay all these bonuses. When that happens, kiss your money goodbye.

Watch a Quick Review Video About Better Life: 

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